Wildflower Country is home to one of the most diverse and colourful range of plants in the world. From fields of everlastings to the diverse flowering plants. You will continue to be amazed. The western and southern section of Wildflower Country is one of the world’s richest flora areas – and home to acres of shrubby vegetation known to Aborigines as “kwongan”, a dense mixture of different plants, including the scarlet flowers of the staghorn bush, the soft grey of smokebush and the pink and yellow of verticordias.

The eastern and northern Wildflower Country is a complete contrast, with carpets of Everlastings, the unique and distinctive Wreath Flower as well as the bright orange wild pomegranate, bright pink native foxgloves, many species of orchids, grevillea, acacia, purple darwinia and dampiera, thryptomene, smokebush, woody pear, cassias, eremophila, blue cornflower and yellow bells. Download your own PDF copy of the Wildflower Checklist here or view below.

Take your time, pull over & wander amongst the many reserves & areas of native bushland, with 1000’s of flowering plants on offer you won’t be disappointed…

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