Wildflower Season in Western Australia’s Wildflower Country showcases an amazing display of colour throughout the entire region, and is home to one of the most diverse range of plants in the world. Wildflowers really come to life in the Winter with a stunning array of native flora, especially featuring a diverse range of intricate orchids. Heading into Spring, the wildflowers are still in plentiful abundance – making Wildflower Country one of the most popular wildflower destinations in the state… you will continue to be amazed!

With literally thousands of flowering plants on offer, we’ve created our Wildflower Checklist to ensure you’ve ticked off all the truly unmissable wildflower highlights. Take your time, pull over and wander amongst the many reserves and areas of native bushland, you wont be disappointed…

Moora local and our very own Wildflower enthusiast, Rachel Walmsley, has provided a range of Key Wildflower Photography Tips to ensure visitors come away with the very best photographic memories. Be sure to also share your wildflower pics using the hashtag #wildflowercountry onto our Facebook & Instagram!

Wildflower Country are the experts when it comes to wildflower knowledge in the region, and as such we also offer educational specifics on many of our most popular wildflowers. These can be viewed on our What’s That Wildflower? page of our website.