Here are the top 3 places to take kids in Morawa


Morawa, a small town located in the Mid West region of Western Australia, has a lot to offer for families with kids.

From tadpoling to rock climbing, and playing in the creek, the town provides some exciting activities that will keep your little ones engaged and happy. Here are the top three places that you must visit with your kids in Morawa.

1. War Rock: If your kids love tadpoles, then War Rock is the perfect place to visit. This flat rock is located 2.5 km off the Morawa – Mullewa Road and has shallow rock pools that make it easy for even toddlers to climb up and get involved in tadpoling. Out the back is a deep Gnamma Hole, which is a first nations water reservoir chipped from the stone using fire. It is important to remember not to harm the tadpoles while you are there.

2. Climbing through the breakaway country at the old Kadji Kadji station: The old Kadji Kadji station is now a conservation park that offers some cool rock formations for kids to get wild on. The Breakaway Loop is an old station track that is now a driving trail and offers some exciting adventures for kids. You can make a full-day trip from Morawa to tackle this adventure or camp out at the Kadji Kadji camp zone. However, please note that this track is 4WD only. You can find more information and maps on the Parks and Wildlife Service website.

3. Playing in the dry creek bed at the Koolanooka Springs picnic spot: Mud, dirt, sticks, and stones are all part of a healthy, happy childhood. Koolanooka Spring, located 20 minutes east of Morawa, is a must-visit spot. Imagine a carpet of yellow wildflowers, an old windmill, ancient red rock bursting out of the landscape, and a little creek slowly winding its way past. Sometimes the creek has water, and sometimes it does not, but kids love it either way. Over the years, this spot has featured in every Morawa child’s life, from church picnics to old brass band performances to playgroup outings and more recent times. Bring some sausages to put on the campfire, camp if you wish, bring your dog too, and there are toilets available.

In conclusion, Morawa offers plenty of fun and exciting activities for families with kids. These three places are a must-visit and will provide a memorable experience for both kids and adults alike. So, pack your bags and head to Morawa for a fun-filled family adventure.

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