Perenjori: Astrotourism Town

Immerse yourself in Perenjori, a small but character-packed agricultural town located 360km north of Perth.

What makes this small community the place to explore?

  • Breathtaking night skies
  • Low light and noise pollution
  • Warm, friendly community
  • Outstanding wildflowers carpeting the countryside in Spring
  • A destination for nature and astrophotography
  • The gateway to the unspoilt Karara Rangelands

Come nightfall, you don’t need to wish upon a shooting star for a billion-star experience. Just bring your telescope, binoculars or the naked eye and enjoy balmy nights and untainted dark skies. If you are an Astro enthusiast, stargazer, photographer or just looking for the next best thing – Perenjori is the place to escape.

Observation Platform 

Situated at the golf course are a newly launched observation platform and two giant planispheres with information to assist new astronomers to navigate the night sky all year round. In Western Australia, Perenjori is one of fourteen towns identified by AstrotourismWA as an Astro Tourism town for its immaculate night skies due to its low light, noise and air pollution.

The Golf Course interactive stargazing platform, The Salmons and John Forest Lookout are just a few of the front-row seats for stargazing and astrophotography in Perenjori. With camping facilities available throughout the district, plan a few days to explore the pristine bush during daylight hours and the dark skies come nightfall.

Road Tripping

Plan a road trip with friends or family and experience the pristine bushland intertwined with the history of Perenjori on the Carol Rail, Monsignor Hawes or Rothsay Heritage Trails. Rugged trails, abundant wildlife and a camping spot off the beaten track will create memories unlike any other. Dust off your hiking boots and experience the great outdoors with wide open roads and big blue skies waiting for you in Perenjori.

For more information about Perenjori go to Visit Perenjori.