Morawa Wildflowers’ hotspot – The Widimia Trail

Morawa is a sheep and wheat farming town on the edge of station country. This makes us pretty special because the outback starts just a few kilometres east of town. From July to October, the region puts on a stunning display of colourful and outback wildflowers including orchids, native foxgloves, grevillea, acacias, wreath flowers, and carpets of everlastings.

When it’s time to get out of the car and stretch your legs, Morawa has just the spot. The Widimia Walk Trail, is one of the most popular wildflowers hot spots in the Shire of Morawa. ‘Widimia’ translates as ‘Home of the Widi peoples’. This name acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of this area.

The trail covers approximately 4.5 km and runs in a loop north of the townsite. It was created by a team of eight local men working for work for the dole program run by MEEDAC and the Shire of Morawa in 2018. The Widimia Trail has two parts. The first half of the trail takes you through a revegetation project, and the second part, the loop trail, takes you through remanent bushland. The Widimia Trail offers a diversity of ecological plant life on the circuit and constant change over the winter season in WA.

I was first introduced to the Widimia Trail in 2018 by my late partner, we often used to cycle around it. It was then I saw my first orchid, a Pink Candy. I was mesmerised by its beauty! Later on, we started visiting the trail regularly, especially during the wildflower season in WA. Then COVID hit, and we could not go out anymore. That’s when I decided to create a Facebook page dedicated to wildflowers and the Widimia Trail to share the natural beauty of this bush trail; flushed with colours and carpets of everlastings in the winter season.

What is the best time to visit the Widimia Trail?

The best time to visit is from late May thru to November. However, Orchids usually start blossoming in June thru to September. In 2021, locals spotted seven types of Orchids!

Which other wildflowers can you see along the Widimia Trail?

The pink Everlastings are usually the first to flower along with the white, followed by the yellow. Finally, the very northern end of the trail offers the white and yellow Pom Poms. While it is not all about orchids and the everlastings, there are many shrubs that flower with vibrant colours.

The trail is described as an easy walk from the Morawa Township. It takes an hour of your time, but locals recommend allowing up to two hours to really look around, absorb the mesmerising nature, and take photos.

What do you need to take with you?

There are three benches located around the trail. The trail is suitable for prams and bikes as well as walking. You need to take your own water, light refreshments, sun block, and a fly net (subject to the time of the year).

For more information and tips regarding what you can see around the Widimia Trail, please follow the Facebook page ‘Wildflowers Morawa 2022 Widimia Trail and beyond’. Hope to bump into you on the trail in the upcoming months!