At first glance, besides the obvious larger animals such as kangaroos & emus it may appear that there’s not much wildlife around… That is not the case! Wildflower Country is home to various rare & endangered species that call the reserves & national parks home. Rare wildlife includes a variety of lizards, snakes, frogs & mammals. The Honey Possum is found only in the Kwongan Region (western part) of Wildflower Country, in particular the Lesueur National Park.

Birds are sometimes easier to spot & Wildflower Country offers a range of habitats for them to live in. Look out for Black-tailed Native Hens, Pink-eared Ducks and Red-kneed Dotterels that inundate the drier inland areas. Areas of mulga scrub are home to birds such as Mallee Fowl, Bush Turkey, Mulga Parrot & Black Honeyeaters. Western Corella, Red Tailed Black Cockatoo & Galahs inhabit larger trees such as Salmon Gums.