Enjoy a swim, snorkel, dive, kayak or surf at one of the many secluded bays along the coast in Wildflower Country. Spend the day enjoying the beauty of Dynamite Bay, voted in the Top 20 beaches of Australia in 2016.

Take a Sea Lion tour to get an up-close experience with these amazing marine creatures. Green Head is home to the largest colony of Australian Sea Lions in Western Australia. Check out Leeman & Green Head for info.

Lake Thetis

Stromatolites and Thrombolites at Lake Thetis are located 2km east of Cervantes off Hanson Bay road.  There is no fee for visiting the lake and you can access it any time of the day. It’s best to visit during the drier months of the year when the water level is at its lowest. A gravel road will take you to the car park. From here, you can follow the walkway to the shore of the lake. This is where you’ll find the best examples of the stromatolites in the lake.

You can continue along the path which will take you on a 1.5 km loop around the whole lake.