Here are the top 3 places to take kids in Morawa

Morawa, a small town located in the Mid West region of Western Australia, has a lot to offer for families with kids.

From tadpoling to rock climbing, and playing in the creek, the town provides some exciting activities that will keep your little ones engaged and happy. Here are the top three places that you must visit with your kids in Morawa.

1. War Rock: If your kids love tadpoles, then War Rock is the perfect place to visit. This flat rock is located 2.5 km off the Morawa – Mullewa Road and has shallow rock pools that make it easy for even toddlers to climb up and get involved in tadpoling. Out the back is a deep Gnamma Hole, which is a first nations water reservoir chipped from the stone using fire. It is important to remember not to harm the tadpoles while you are there.

2. Climbing through the breakaway country at the old Kadji Kadji station: The old Kadji Kadji station is now a conservation park that offers some cool rock formations for kids to get wild on. The Breakaway Loop is an old station track that is now a driving trail and offers some exciting adventures for kids. You can make a full-day trip from Morawa to tackle this adventure or camp out at the Kadji Kadji camp zone. However, please note that this track is 4WD only. You can find more information and maps on the Parks and Wildlife Service website.

3. Playing in the dry creek bed at the Koolanooka Springs picnic spot: Mud, dirt, sticks, and stones are all part of a healthy, happy childhood. Koolanooka Spring, located 20 minutes east of Morawa, is a must-visit spot. Imagine a carpet of yellow wildflowers, an old windmill, ancient red rock bursting out of the landscape, and a little creek slowly winding its way past. Sometimes the creek has water, and sometimes it does not, but kids love it either way. Over the years, this spot has featured in every Morawa child’s life, from church picnics to old brass band performances to playgroup outings and more recent times. Bring some sausages to put on the campfire, camp if you wish, bring your dog too, and there are toilets available.

In conclusion, Morawa offers plenty of fun and exciting activities for families with kids. These three places are a must-visit and will provide a memorable experience for both kids and adults alike. So, pack your bags and head to Morawa for a fun-filled family adventure.

Don’t want to camp or caravan but still want the kids to get out in nature. No worries, try Mellenbye station stay.

Morawa Wildflowers’ hotspot – The Widimia Trail

Morawa is a sheep and wheat farming town on the edge of station country. This makes us pretty special because the outback starts just a few kilometres east of town. From July to October, the region puts on a stunning display of colourful and outback wildflowers including orchids, native foxgloves, grevillea, acacias, wreath flowers, and carpets of everlastings.

When it’s time to get out of the car and stretch your legs, Morawa has just the spot. The Widimia Walk Trail, is one of the most popular wildflowers hot spots in the Shire of Morawa. ‘Widimia’ translates as ‘Home of the Widi peoples’. This name acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of this area.

The trail covers approximately 4.5 km and runs in a loop north of the townsite. It was created by a team of eight local men working for work for the dole program run by MEEDAC and the Shire of Morawa in 2018. The Widimia Trail has two parts. The first half of the trail takes you through a revegetation project, and the second part, the loop trail, takes you through remanent bushland. The Widimia Trail offers a diversity of ecological plant life on the circuit and constant change over the winter season in WA.

I was first introduced to the Widimia Trail in 2018 by my late partner, we often used to cycle around it. It was then I saw my first orchid, a Pink Candy. I was mesmerised by its beauty! Later on, we started visiting the trail regularly, especially during the wildflower season in WA. Then COVID hit, and we could not go out anymore. That’s when I decided to create a Facebook page dedicated to wildflowers and the Widimia Trail to share the natural beauty of this bush trail; flushed with colours and carpets of everlastings in the winter season.

What is the best time to visit the Widimia Trail?

The best time to visit is from late May thru to November. However, Orchids usually start blossoming in June thru to September. In 2021, locals spotted seven types of Orchids!

Which other wildflowers can you see along the Widimia Trail?

The pink Everlastings are usually the first to flower along with the white, followed by the yellow. Finally, the very northern end of the trail offers the white and yellow Pom Poms. While it is not all about orchids and the everlastings, there are many shrubs that flower with vibrant colours.

The trail is described as an easy walk from the Morawa Township. It takes an hour of your time, but locals recommend allowing up to two hours to really look around, absorb the mesmerising nature, and take photos.

What do you need to take with you?

There are three benches located around the trail. The trail is suitable for prams and bikes as well as walking. You need to take your own water, light refreshments, sun block, and a fly net (subject to the time of the year).

For more information and tips regarding what you can see around the Widimia Trail, please follow the Facebook page ‘Wildflowers Morawa 2022 Widimia Trail and beyond’. Hope to bump into you on the trail in the upcoming months!

Perenjori: Astrotourism Town

Immerse yourself in Perenjori, a small but character-packed agricultural town located 360km north of Perth.

What makes this small community the place to explore?

  • Breathtaking night skies
  • Low light and noise pollution
  • Warm, friendly community
  • Outstanding wildflowers carpeting the countryside in Spring
  • A destination for nature and astrophotography
  • The gateway to the unspoilt Karara Rangelands

Come nightfall, you don’t need to wish upon a shooting star for a billion-star experience. Just bring your telescope, binoculars or the naked eye and enjoy balmy nights and untainted dark skies. If you are an Astro enthusiast, stargazer, photographer or just looking for the next best thing – Perenjori is the place to escape.

Observation Platform 

Situated at the golf course are a newly launched observation platform and two giant planispheres with information to assist new astronomers to navigate the night sky all year round. In Western Australia, Perenjori is one of fourteen towns identified by AstrotourismWA as an Astro Tourism town for its immaculate night skies due to its low light, noise and air pollution.

The Golf Course interactive stargazing platform, The Salmons and John Forest Lookout are just a few of the front-row seats for stargazing and astrophotography in Perenjori. With camping facilities available throughout the district, plan a few days to explore the pristine bush during daylight hours and the dark skies come nightfall.

Road Tripping

Plan a road trip with friends or family and experience the pristine bushland intertwined with the history of Perenjori on the Carol Rail, Monsignor Hawes or Rothsay Heritage Trails. Rugged trails, abundant wildlife and a camping spot off the beaten track will create memories unlike any other. Dust off your hiking boots and experience the great outdoors with wide open roads and big blue skies waiting for you in Perenjori.

For more information about Perenjori go to Visit Perenjori.

The ideal place for visitors

Wanting a place to stay in Wildflower Country that gives you the perfect mix of beaches and blooms, oceans and orchids, waves and wildflowers? Look no further than Geraldton in the heart of the Midwest.

Located an easy four and a half-hour drive north of Perth you will not find a better location to launch yourself into the magic of wildflower season whilst enjoying all the advantages of staying on the coast.

Brimming with history, café culture, a range of accommodation options and bookable wildflower tours departing from Geraldton to Mullewa during August – September, Geraldton is the perfect place to stay.

Close to Geraldton CBD the Chapman River Regional Park and Mills Point Lookout are stunning locations where you can view an array of blooms including Damperia, Grevillea pinaster, Hibbertia and Melaleuca.

For information on all things, Geraldton and seasonal wildflower reports check out Visit Geraldton.

Throughout spring you will find the best wildflower action in Mullewa. Located 98km east of Geraldton, Mullewa straddles geological and climatic zones that provide the ideal mix of soil types and weather making the region perfect for a huge variety of wildflowers.

The jewel in Mullewa’s wildflower crown is the distinctive wreath flowers. Found adorning the sides of the road in the Pindar region the wreath flowers allow visitors a unique experience without having to venture too far from their vehicles.

For those who enjoy a walk, Mullewa boasts six marked wildflower trails of varying difficulty offering something for everyone. There are also wonderful self-drive tours, please refer to WILDFLOWER WAY – Wildflower Country for a routes map.

Mullewa absolutely blossoms during wildflower season, with carpets of Everlastings to enjoy as well as the Mullewa Agriculture Show that’s usually on the same weekend as the popular Outback Bloom – Mullewa’s wildflower festival!

For any true wildflower enthusiast, Outback Bloom is a must! Slated for 25 to 28 August 2022 the event features four days of displays, guided tours, and presentations from experts in the field.

For more information about Mullewa check out Visit Mullewa.

A place of hidden gems, Wubin

Take a look at the history of grain handling in the Wheatbelt region with a visit to the Wubin Wheatbin Museum. You can learn how the wheat was collected and stored in the early days by viewing a collection of photographs and a fascinating display of farming machinery.

The Heritage Wheatbin Museum depicts Wubin’s grain growing history through pictorial photos and intricately crafted models, with the emphasis on bulk handling and displaying the machinery involved in this farming revolution.

The old Wheatbin sits side by side with today’s modern storage bins, and as you walk around the site you get a direct comparison between past and present day grain handling. Walk around the original 1930s Wheatbin where the museum is situated and compare its size and structure to the modern bins that are in operation today.

Drive through the region during the months of August and September for a memorable display of vibrant wildflowers. Make sure that you keep a close watch for the rare and unusual Leschenaultia wreath flower which is famous in the region.

You can park the car right next to the popular wildflowers spots. Then, you can walk along bush trails to examine the flowers closely. Stop and pause at the picturesque Wubin Rocks for a picnic lunch amongst the wildflowers.

The town of Wubin is located on the Great Northern Highway, and is a three hour drive north of Perth.

Note: The museum is open during the months of June – September from 10am – 3pm, 7 days per week (subject to volunteers). Please check the exact business hours with the Museum before you go.


Visit the NASA station in Mingenew

This April Mingenew will be showcasing its space sector with a unique event as part of the annual Shore leave Festival (April 27 – May 1).  A select few are invited to visit the WA Space Centre at Yarragadee for dinner under the stars, a guided astronomy session and a tour of the MOBLAS-5 Satellite Laser Ranging station tour.

Mingenew, which enjoys the Mid West’s stunning clear night skies and is home to several stargazing sites, has a long connection with the space industry which is not well known outside of space industry circles. This connection goes back to October 1979 when NASA first established a satellite laser ranging system in the Mid West.

Over time, this presence has grown, with Geoscience Australia taking on the management of the NASA facility, the Swedish Space Corporation and Capricorn Space also establishing satellite communication and ground control facilities in the area.

There are plenty of Satellite Laser Ranging stations around the world. But Yarragadee remains key to gathering geospatial information for the world’s scientists.

“We are the most productive station in the world. We collect more data than any other station using this fairly old school equipment,” says Sandy Jones, Assistant Manager at the Observatory. “We’re very lucky and proud of that fact.”

Whilst normally closed to visitors, as part of Shore Leave 2022, guests will be given a tour of the Laser Ranging facility to learn more about the Mid West’s contribution to the space sector and will also be treated to some guided stargazing and astronomy, as well as dinner under the stars.

Join us for a unique evening of stargazing and scientific discovery in Mingenew on Saturday 30th April from 6:00 – 9:30 pm. To book your ticket go to Shore Leave Festival.

See you in Mingenew!

All aboard for Shore Leave Festival

Geraldton is the seafood capital of Western Australia so what better place to host Shore Leave Festival! A four-day cuisine, culture and entertainment extravaganza guaranteed to satisfy all who have a love for seafood and fun.

Scheduled for Wednesday 27 April – Sunday 1 May 2022, this vibrant festival pays homage to the region’s rich maritime history and produce through an array of activities and entertainment.

Catering for a range of budgets with free art exhibitions, guided tours of the museum, dragon boat races and markets to a variety of ticketed dining experiences – Shore Leave Festival is an event not to be missed.

The crowning culinary experience of this celebration is the Abrolhos Long Table Lunch on East Wallabi Island.

Those out for culture as well as food and entertainment can look forward to a Smoking Ceremony and performances by the Wilinyu dancers and Yamatji Boys at the opening Welcome to Port.

Live music will be on show throughout the weekend at The Helm on the Geraldton Foreshore including the Midwest’s very own swashbuckling group Rum Jungle Sea Shanties!

So block out your calendar, bring your appetite as well as your thirst for adventure and we will see you in Geraldton for Shore Leave, the ultimate seafood festival.

For tickets and details check out